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The Team

Meet the Team,

While we cannot include everyone here, here are a few of the members and their cars that are responsible for various parts of the Ministry. If you have a need and do not see anyone here that fills that need, please email 
Pastor J and he can help you with your request.

Pastor J

Reverend Jamie Estes, also known as "Pastor J" is a huge Mustang enthusiast. Jamie was a youth pastor at 2 different churches over 6 1/2 years. After that, he was also the College Minister at a local church for almost 4 years. Jamie has a Masters Degree in Ministry from Covington Theological Seminary.

A few years ago, Jamie published his first book: "A Walk Through the Book of Matthew", available at Amazon.com


While his passion is for Christ, he also has a true love for Mustangs. His current project was started almost six years ago when he ordered a Tungsten Grey Stage 3 Roush Mustang. Since ordering it he has changed out several items including adding a custom front grille, Cervini Side louvers and front end, Window louvers, and a Cervini hood with Shelby Hood pins. Under the hood he has added a Roush strut brace, engine dressup pieces, and a C&L cold air intake to allow his supercharged beast to breathe better.

Inside the car, he has added a Raptor shift light, Air/Fuel, Oil Pressure, Water Temp, Boost, and Voltage gauges. He has also added a push button start and additional carbon fiber pieces to the dash.

Email Pastor J at:  jamieestes@charter.net or at


Kena Estes, also know as Roushelle, is a big Mustang fan but an ever bigger Jesus fan. While she likes Mustangs, her talents also include a giving heart and a great singing voice.

Her Mustang of choice is a 2007 Roush Roadster, which is a two tone convertible; Black/Redfire. The car was manufacturer by Roush Performance and limited to 100 cars. However, what makes this car really stand out is that Jack Roush himself drove this car off the showroom floor and did a burnout in it! It's the first customer car that Jack put through it's paces.

The Roadster sits on 20" rims and sports a Roush body kit with a 2" lowering kit in the rear. It also features custom leather seats with "Roadster" embroidered in the seats and a carbon fiber dash and a short throw shifter.

Email Roushelle at: kenaestes@hotmail.com 

Deacon D and CoPilot

David and Paula, also know as Deacon D and CoPilot, are the perfect compliment to each other as a Mustang family. Paula has the taste to create the perfect car and Dave has the ability to make it happen. Aside from great talent and taste, David and Paula have hearts for God and a willingness to serve others.

Their Mustang of choice is a 2007 Modified GT. The Grabber Orange color itself is enough to seperate them from the competition, but the white side stripes, Street Scene front end, and extra accents are just the icing on the cake.

While it would be difficult to list the numerous modifications that have been done to this GT to make it a one of a kind, it would be almost impossible to keep the modifications up to date considering the constant upgrades going on.

And while David will deny any drivetrain changes, this car is anything but normal. The power under the hood is enough to jerk your head back in the quarter mile.

Email David and Paula at: lopatap@att.net


David and Susan, also known as "Pony" is a huge Mustang enthusiast. David and Susan are administrators and charter members of Mustang Ministries. 

David's current project car started out as a Premium 2008 Mustang V6. It didn't take long for David and Susan to modify this Vista Blue Mustang into a work of art. Complete with a custom set of Aerofinz louvers, this Mustang is also has hood and side scoops. With sequential tail lights, custom muffler and more, this is one pony that stands out in a crowd.